Sushi Hon

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We close on Sunday (July 31  2016).

We  open  on Monday from 4:oopm ~9:00pm 

(Augus 1 2016).

Blue Fin Tuna TORO are availlable now !.



1.Blue fin Otoro - Supreme Fat

Just as the Bluefin is the king of the tuna world, “Otoro” is the queen jewel of the Bluefin.

Whether you are a professional sushi artist, an amateur Japanese cuisine chef, or simply a lover of sushi, you fit into one of two categories: those who have tasted Bluefin Otoro, and those who have not. If you haven’t tried this delicacy, no words or description can give you the experience. That is how special Otoro is.

Cut from the underbelly of the Bluefin tuna, Otoro is the part of the Bluefin with the softest texture, the highest omega-3-fat content, and the most enchanting taste. The marbling on this fish is exquisite, and some compare it to the finest cuts of beef.

Once you taste our Bluefin Otoro tuna, you will never forget it.

2.Blue fin Chutoro - Medium Fat

Just like our highest-quality Bluefin Otoro, Bluefin Chutoro also comes from the fatty underbelly of the Bluefin tuna.  Chutoro is slightly lower in fat than Otoro and has a less intense taste, but its supreme flavor and soft flesh still make it one of the finest delicacies to come from the sea.  Bluefin are caught in the wintertime, when its taste is the finest; so there is a great advantage to ordering Chutoro that has been “Super Frozen(-60 °c)” rather than fresh. You can enjoy the excellence of winter Chutoro at Sushihon.

Japanese CREAMY BEERS are available now at Sushsihon.

You can enjoy japanese beers and any other beers also without xtra cost.

New Concept Beer!!!
Sapporo Frozen Beer has launched at very first time in Manitoba.
Experience Crazy-Cold Beer till bottom of cup by Patent Cooling technology of JAPAN.
New Concept  Wine!!!(Sushi hon single item)
Slushed sweet wine has started. 
Try our "Tomi"(slushed white wine)

Sushi Hon Business Hours


Monday~Thursday 11:30~22:00


Friday 11:30~22:30


Saturday 12:00~22:00


Sunday 16:00~21:00

Phone Number:

TEL. 204) 487-1120

TEL 204) 487-1123


120-1570 Kenaston Blvd Winnipeg MB R3P 0Y4

(Between CIBC & HSBC)


Delivery:(City Wide)

Able to deliver $50 over.(delivery fee $5).

If  $100 over.  no delivery fee.(Before Tax)

Space or Group reservation for party is available. Please call for reservations.

>Prices are subject to change without notices.

 >Experience differentiated services & tastes.

 >To enjoy Fresh Fish gives you good shape & health.

 >Gluten Free menus are available now!!!.  Check menu.